February 14, 2014 Update

As I so romantically told hubby this morning, “Happy Hallmark Day”! Aside from Mother’s Day, this is the one “holiday” that I truly think is intended to make every male in the world feel inadequate in some way. If you love someone, make them feel special (or “special”) all year long, not just on certain days. Sheesh.

So, I flaked last week. I kept forgetting to do my blood sugar, so I just flaked off logging anything in. So, check out my stats (blood sugar was 75 this morning). Disclaimer: I weighed the same last week, up almost a pound from February 2nd. The beauty of measuring yourself, though, is seeing progress where you think there isn’t any. I’ve been watching the scale bounce like a rubber ball all week, so I was thinking that I needed to change things up. I’ve been altering my carb amounts every day (one day over 20, the next below 10) and since that wasn’t really showing me anything, I was going to increase my cardio. Who am I kidding? I haven’t done a lick of cardio all week. My brain has been focused on learning a new craft and when I want to learn something, I’m like a dog with a bone. That’s all I think about (at least this week I actually remembered to eat).

So, what’s this progress I alluded to? Since February 2nd, I have dropped a total of two inches (1 inch off my upper belly roll, 1/2 an inch off my waist and 1/2 an inch off my hips). Not bad! Especially since I have been able to do deadlifts with a weight that just a few weeks ago I could barely hold onto. 🙂

I’m loving my new, simpler weight training routine. I not only can feel more definition on my lower back but I noticed last night that my thighs are looking bulkier (so, losing some of that fat there, too). And the funniest thing happened the other day. I pretty much wear the same thing every day (still wearing my 3x tank tops and 4x t-shirts … pajamas) but I stood up and my son exclaimed, “Man, Mom, you HAVE lost a lot of weight!” And that was without hair done and no makeup. 🙂 So, of course, I had to flex my muscles for him. LOL! OH! And I can actually hold myself on the pull-up bar for more than a millisecond!

I’m just so disgustingly happy with life (cue the song: “They’re Coming to Take Me Away”). I would really appreciate anyone who hasn’t to vote in my poll. I’m not sure if it would “cleaner” to post exercise updates here (like this) or just put up another page. I guess I could post a weekly exercise update like this. Please, let me know what you would prefer.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!


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