Parsley Tea – Kidneys

Well, I don’t know if what is going on is solely kidney related or not but I decided to find something I could do about it now (I typically down unsweetened, natural cranberry juice for all things urinary-related but don’t have any).  So, I’m sitting here yesterday with pain in my back.  I’ve had it for about a week but assumed it had something to do with my weight training (did something wrong).  It’s right around my bra line and has mostly been dull, getting worse when I completely hunch over while at my desk (I decided to post my weekly menus so anyone new doesn’t have to join MyFitnessPal or become my friend there in order to see what kinds of foods I’ve been eating since I started again, which is all cut-and-paste).  Well, I thought it was muscular until yesterday when it became a bright, burning, tender pain on one side.  Then, I realized that I hadn’t been drinking as many fluids as normal for about a week.  So, kidney popped in my head (though it could be an intestinal issue also … my body’s going a little wonky) and along with kidney, parsley.

I looked it up just to make sure I was remembering right (couldn’t remember why, a few months ago, I insisted on a huge container of dried parsley at the store … now I know why).  So, I found this link (Culpepper … love it when people reference that).

Since I’m not pregnant (was used traditionally to encourage the onset of menstruation), I figured it couldn’t hurt.  So, my first daily dosage was yesterday.  I woke up feeling better but I’m still uncomfortable.  I have more tea steeping now.  I was pleasantly surprised it didn’t taste as “green” as I was thinking it would (you know, like wheatgrass tastes like lawn to me).  I’m drinking it straight (it doesn’t really need any doctoring) and both hot and cold.  The above article says to do this for 7 days, so I’ll update this post once I have finished this regimen.  Needless to say, I’m taking it easy today (though I really don’t want to … weights day).  Perhaps I’ll get away from the computer and try my new Dremel bits and see how far I can get on my test piece (power wood carving).  Maybe I’ll feel comfortable enough to actually start on an actual picture!



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