Quick Update – Kidneys and Weight Training Equipment

So, I’m still dealing with kidney issues though it’s getting better with each day (still drinking my parsley tea and at between 96 to 128 ounces of water). I don’t think I’ll try anything today, either (since this is the first morning I woke up pain free).

BUT I wanted to share what my hubby got me for an early anniversary present.

It’s a used Impex ph 1600! I know this is an awful picture but it’s the best one I could find via Google (right now the poor machine is shoved into the garage so there’s no way I could get proper pictures). I’m so excited! I just need my son to move the F out when he said he would so I can have my weight room (thankfully, he never reads my blog)!  I’ll try to remember to do my official stats tomorrow.



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