Italian Sausage

I’ve made sausage a few times and can’t believe I never posted any recipes. Here’s a great one from buttoni.

Buttoni's Low-Carb Recipes

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I’ve been making this Italian sausage for nigh on to 40 years now.  By making it yourself, you can ensure no sugar or hidden carb fillers are in your Italian sausage.   I keep some made up in my freezer all the time.  It’s so good in recipes, with Italian food, in soups or just as a SNACK!  This recipe is Atkins Induction friendly and also suitable for Keto, Primal and Paleo lifestyles.

I’m proud to say this recipe appears in Vol. 2 of Jennifer Eloff’s on-going cookbook series:  Low Carbing Among Friends.  Some of the very best low-carb cooks on the internet collaborate with her in producing a marvelous collection of kitchen-tested tasty recipes that will help you stick with your low-carb efforts.  GET YOUR COPIES TODAY! at Amazon or here.    I receive no remuneration for this promotion or my recipe contributions.  I do so…

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