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Click to enlarge Calabacita

  I’ve prepared this dish by a wide variety of recipes over the years.  But this version is my favorite.  For those not familiar with what we Texans call Calaba squash, the pic below is an example of one popular strain.  This sauash is also called Mexican Zucchini.  They are mild and very similar to zucchini in taste, but are shorter, lighter green, slightly striped (some have even darker stripes than the squash in the pic) and they are more oval in shape than zucchini.  The inside flesh is slightly firmer and yellower and best of all, it does not bleed water into your recipes as badly as regular zucchini does. You can definitely substitute zucchini in this dish if you can’t get calaba squash where you live.  I’ve even been known to make this recipe with yellow summer squash.  Comes out tasting a little different, but still quite…

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