My Physical Training

A list of links to all my training sessions is at the bottom of this page. A maximum of 100 will show here but the Category is Training if you want to see them all.

This is was my basic exercise routine (outlined here on August 4, 2013).  I have since eliminated the ab doer (which became a lovely stand for my tiny Christmas tree) and the Tae Bo videos.  Tae Bo actually hurt my hips.  I will continue with this, adding more weights and longer cardio until (or if) I need more of a challenge.

I have created several playlists on my You Tube Channel (My Atkins Keto Journey) that I will be adding to over time.

This playlist focuses on physical training (basics about weights and other exercises):

This playlist focuses on Stretching (because I’ve discovered my body needs more coaxing than I had anticipated):

AND this playlist is Yoga and Low Impact Cardio:


I’m bored. I’m bored with the above weight training exercises and I think I need to back off of certain movements due to tendonitis (these are the stretches/exercises I am doing for that).

So, thanks to a post on Fitocracy, I found a new-to-me training program. Since I only have a few plates, I will be limited when it comes to adding weight. The thing that tickles me about this is when I initially planned weight training, I found a copy of Arnold’s “Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding” at a thrift store, and had every intent to train via Arnold. Well, I’ve been too out of shape for too long to do a majority of those exercises. Heck, it turns out I was too out of shape to do some of the exercises above! That is why, when I saw this and saw that he was Arnold’s inspiration, I knew I had to embrace it!

So, today (January 31, 2014) I am beginning Phase One of Reg Park’s 5 X 5 program! To read the entire article (and see the other two phases) go here:

Here is Phase One:

Reg Park’s Three Phase 5×5 Program

Phase One

45-degree back extension 3×10
Back squat 5×5 (Cable Squat)
Bench press 5×5 (Machine Chest Press)
Deadlift 5×5 (Cable Deadlift)
And added this for an awesome butt: Glute Bridge

Video examples of all of these exercises are included in my Training playlist linked above.

Rest 3-5 minutes between the last 3 sets of each exercise.

Train three days per week for three months.

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