A Year Today – Cancer and Life

It has been a year today since my husband’s surgery to remove a polyp that turned into a cancer diagnosis. It has been one heck of a roller coaster ride. I spend my days alone, while he is at work, yet when he was in the hospital I was like a little child, lonely and… Continue reading A Year Today – Cancer and Life

Strong, Fluid, Pain-Free Movement

I’m still having issues with my shoulder. I do basic stretches ever day and my range of motion has improved a lot. The pain, well, that comes and goes. It usually comes the worst when I’ve slept wrong, though it’s not even remotely as bad as it was in the beginning of this saga (when… Continue reading Strong, Fluid, Pain-Free Movement

The Brutally Honest 6 Reasons You Are Still Overfat

See, this guy … this is what I like to see. He is the kind of guy who doesn’t look for a politically correct or sensitive way to say things. He just says it. The meme he includes in the post pretty much sums up his way of thinking: You really should read this post!… Continue reading The Brutally Honest 6 Reasons You Are Still Overfat

50 Fat Torching Tricks for 2015

Most of the time, I don’t like lists like this but since this one was from Bodybuilding.com, I thought I would give it a read.  I like it!  Obviously, there are some tips that don’t apply to those going low carb but too many of the others can help, especially if you have been low… Continue reading 50 Fat Torching Tricks for 2015


Well, for the first time in 16 years (that was the last time I quit for an extended period of time), I am in the process of becoming an ex smoker.  I have gone from smoking 3 packs per day on Tuesday (for those who may be lucky enough not to know, there are 20… Continue reading Cigarettes