May 28, 2014 Update – Slap Upside The Head

I have updated my stats today. My husband and I have been going through some personal issues for the past few months. I’ve been barely checking my blood sugar … mostly doing it if I felt off (and, since the readings were always good, I kept doing that). Well, yesterday was different. I got some… Continue reading May 28, 2014 Update – Slap Upside The Head

February 14, 2014 Update

As I so romantically told hubby this morning, “Happy Hallmark Day”! Aside from Mother’s Day, this is the one “holiday” that I truly think is intended to make every male in the world feel inadequate in some way. If you love someone, make them feel special (or “special”) all year long, not just on certain… Continue reading February 14, 2014 Update

February 2, 2014 Update – Let’s Talk Poo

Not only is it Groundhog Day (I guess we get to see 6 more weeks of Winter, which is fine with me as long as it involves more rain … California) but it’s Superbowl Sunday (which has absolutely no significance to me whatsoever except the television will NOT be on at all today) AND the… Continue reading February 2, 2014 Update – Let’s Talk Poo

January 10, 2014 Update

Well, now that we are over a week into the new year, I figured it was time for me to take a look back at my progress since August of 2013. As much whining as I have done, to see the numbers in black and white is uplifting, especially on a day when I have… Continue reading January 10, 2014 Update

January 4, 2014 Update

This week has been good but kinda “meh”. Hubby worked Monday and was off the rest of the week, so I let exercise slide a bit. I didn’t have set “cardio” days (usually Tuesday and Thursday). The weather here … I usually don’t talk about it this time of year because everyone else is freezing… Continue reading January 4, 2014 Update

Product Review – Sol Del Oro Low Carb Tortillas

Well, since today we went to a “normal” store (not Costco) I decided to look around a little. I’m getting ready to make a no-tortilla chicken enchilada casserole-thing and was curious about tortilla options. I found no substitute corn tortillas (I still haven’t found a way to finish off those tortillas I made) but there… Continue reading Product Review – Sol Del Oro Low Carb Tortillas

November 22, 2013 Stats

Well, good Friday afternoon! This week has been a struggle to eat enough calories. I’ve been busy with my hands (either crocheting or playing a video game or looking up new crafty things to do). I haven’t been planning out my meals (like I usually do) so by the time dinner rolls around and I’m… Continue reading November 22, 2013 Stats